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Shipping policy please read carefully absolutely no refunds!

Once your payment is received, payment processing is 15-24 hours. Standard shipping takes about 5-7 business days (not including weekends or holidays) to receive your items. If you want faster shipping you must pay for expedited at checkout. If you need your packaged ASAP it's recommended you get expedited shipping. Once items are shipped, tracking number is provided to the email you provided us with. Make sure your shipping information is correct. 

Once your order is shipped, we are no longer responsible for your package, some carriers may have shipping delays. Your order must contain the correct shipping address. Once your order is placed we cannot ship to a different address. Make sure everything is correct prior to payment.

I’m here as a business owner, but what I WILL NOT do is tolerate THIEVES! When you decide to place an order and then contact me advising me that you did not receive it, WE will investigate to the fullest because I’m a fair and honest businesswoman and ask that you respect my business as I respect you all. 

Anyone that decides to want and place an order using fraudulent practices, I will refund your orders in addition to me reporting you to your local police department!

If you have any questions, concerns or issues, feel free and send me an email. 

Half off install: When purchasing your hair from us to get a discounted install, you must purchase a package deal. This discounted install does not work if you purchase one item. Ex: 1 closure. You also cannot use a discount code AND get a discounted install.​

Please Read Carefully Before Placing Your Order




The owner of this brand is Ashley Davis & Brittany McWhite & has business partners in China. Just like most of the products we use in our everyday life, EVERYTHING is made in China. From clothes, shoes, phones, computers, TV's and more is all made in China. It's time we clear this up & let you in on what most companies will keep from you. This is the truth.


Hair extensions are created from real human hair and the donors dedicate their life to this by selling their hair in return for money. We sell virgin/raw Asian hair just like other hair companies. Most hair comes from China and India 

only! Many suppliers will blind side you and trick you into thinking you have "Brazilian, Malaysian, or Peruvian" hair extensions. The truth is, those are just marketing tools. None of these women cut their hair to sell. We are truthful with all we do. We need you to know the truth as well.


This has been going on many years long before we knew about virgin extensions and became so well connected with doing deals with people from other countries. 


China & India are the main places that hair extensions come from. Most big business owners have hair suppliers in China & India. Good hair & bad hair is everywhere. Don't be fooled. Just because hair comes from a certain place doesn't make it automatically bad. 


People shave their hair to sell & turn it into extensions in exchange for money. Some individuals like to switch their hair up and have options. Virgin hair extensions are a very good investment because with the proper care & maintenance you will be able to keep your hair a very long time. (Head over to the "Hair Tips" tab to learn how to properly care for your hair.)

DISCLAIMER: We have no relations with "Aliexpress" which is a middle man company. We deal with a direct factory that customizes everything exactly how we want that we supply you with on kuteandkatchy.com

We have done much research & testing to supply the best quality. If you don't know how to properly care for your hair, it is not our responsibility. We provide all the proper details to ensure you have longevity with your extensions.

TAB LABEL **Hair care tip

1. The current info you have is perfect just no pictures also we want to add a bullet stating we recommend  TRESemme’moisture rich luxurious moisture conditioner ONLY Important NOTE: Conditioner only wash is recommended at least 3 times a week

***WE HERE AT KUTE&KATCHY recommends that you seek help from a professional for extension styling if you are not fully knowledgeable with virgin extensions.

2. Lace wigs, lace frontals & Closures

3. It is very important that you know laces are to be done by a person with experience. Laces are delicate and easy to damage if you don't know what you are  doing or how to care for them. The hair is only attached to the lace by a knot. If you over process your knots, you will experience a serious case of shedding. If you are too rough on the lace by combing & brushing it will shed. Laces are not meant to last forever. Originally lace wigs, frontals & closures were for movies & performances. They have now transitioned into being an everyday wear for everyone. It's important you know and understand the lifespan of laces. Your bundles can be re-used 1-2 years with proper care & depending how often you wear them. You will be able to reuse your lace up to 5 times WITH proper care. Keep in mind that they will shed overtime


Using the wrong products on your extensions will result in dry, dull, tangled, damaged and unmanageable hair extensions! Once natural hair is cut from a donor’s head, it stops receiving much-needed nutriments that nourish and keeps the hair soft, shiny & tangle-free. It’s therefore vitally important to maintain and treat your natural hair extensions with the appropriate maintenance products that will restore/maintain its natural softness, silk and keep it tangle-free. Heat is your hair biggest enemy. The more you use on it, the shorter the life span of your hair. Use heat in moderation. Do not use high temperatures. High temperatures can damage the hair, including permanently altering the hair texture. Use styling products that are alcohol free. Also stay away from the beach & pool water with your extensions. Wetting your whole head will damage and dry the hair out complety.FAQ'S


- Once your order is placed, there is a mandatory 24 hour payment processing period. Once we ship your order, you will immediately receive a tracking number to the email you provided us with within 5-7 business days. business days do not include weekends or holidays.

Expedited shipping is only 2-4 business days. it will ship straight from our factory in china.

What origin is the hair?

asian virgin hair. Please SEE TAB LISTED BEFORE ORDERING.

How long do extensions last?

With proper care your hair can last for 1-2+ years.

Where is KUTEANDKATCHY located?

SOUTH BOSTON,VA is the main  location. Other travel dates will always be posted.